About D&W Plumbing & Contracting

Owners Debi and Wayne Goetz

“I started my own business, after having worked for other companies since 1972.  Then being laid off turned out to be the best thing that could have happened.  My wife told me that since I now had the time, I should go for my master’s license.  I did and the rest is now history.  I have always loved the work that I do; it is now so satisfying to be doing it for myself.

I take pride in my work and it shows.  I want to do the job right, the right way, once, which my customers certainly appreciate.  I don’t want my customer to have to call me back because something wasn’t done properly.  I take the time to do it right the first time.  When the job is finished I go over all of it with the customer to ensure his/her satisfaction. 

My wife has a good sense of judging a customer’s style preference, and often makes suggestions enabling customers to achieve happiness in the results of the remodeling.

Happy customers make us happy.”

Wayne Goetz
Owner and Master Plumber