Whether you have a failed pump or are building a new kitchen, our licensed master plumber can do the job right for you! Some of the more common services we provide include:


Well Pumps

We remove old or damaged, non-functioning pumps, lines, and foot valves. In its place we professionally install new high quality components.

Well Tanks

We can remove your failed tank and install a new tank that is designed to meet the needs of your house or building.

Kitchens / Bathrooms

We set up a consultation with you, making note of preferences relative to style, function, finish, colors, etc. From there we lend assistance with the room design toward functionality and your particular lifestyle needs.

New Installations and Remodels

While working with you to achieve your "dream", we ensure the retention of "code" and safety. Walls, floors, etc. must have the required structure to accommodate the designs' requirements.

Special needs of Mobile / Manufactured Homes

While being similar to "traditional" housing in some ways, special consideration needs to be given to waterlines and pipes. Given mobile/manufactured homes generally do not have basements, waterlines and pipes are run under the flooring. This requires that a heat tape be installed on the main waterline from the point where it comes up from underground and run the full extent of the line to the end. A control box is installed at the end and is then plugged into an electric outlet at the onset of winter and unplugged at the onset of spring. The purpose of the heat tape is to help prevent the waterlines from freezing. Insulation is also wrapped around the waterline and heat tape, giving added protection.


If you do not see a service offering listed here, please call us!